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5 privately owned Starships are currently in active service:

NC-29, NC-33, NC-45, NC-50, NC-51


NC-51 - Primary chase for Scaled Composites' Tier One Program

NC-51 below WK and SS1

NC-51 over Tehachapi Mtns

photo by Chad Slattery

NC-51 over Tehachapi Mtns

photo by Chad Slattery

NC-51 fueling at Mojave (MHV)

Dawn at Scaled Composites

Dawn at Scaled #2

Another sunrise at Scaled

After the chase

Over Edwards AFB in NC-51

Pete, Burt and Robert flying NC-51

Burt Rutan autographing NC-51

Burt Rutan, proud father of NC-51


NC-6 over Lake Powell

NC-6 over San Francisco

NC-6 on top

San Francisco Sunset

NC-6 Over Foggy Hills

Lake Powell Sunset

NC-6 over Golden Gate

Western Runup

NC-6 at Sunset

Sticker - NC-6 Over Ocean

Omni 1 Photo Survey Plane

Pilot's side panel

Whole panel

Co-pilot's panel

NC-51 Interior - looking fwd

NC-51 Interior - looking aft


SUS Ramp - Spring 1998

Moon over NC-51

Avionics bay

PT6A-67A Engine

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